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How We Work With You

Our Process

We develop caring, authentic relationships with our clients and their extended families. We truly care about them and their lives – not just their financial picture. We treat our clients like friends and family, and we consider ourselves their trusted partners in building their financial security.

  • Our team members have complementary skillsets that allow us to address the full picture of each client’s financial needs and goals. These diverse skills allow us to support each other with respect and integrity, which in turn helps us deliver responsive service that goes the extra mile.

  •  Our multi-generational team strives to build strong, long-term relationships not only with our clients, but their children and grandchildren as well.  We help clients transition wealth from one generation to the next, guiding parents or grandparents in setting up and directing trusts, and assisting the next generation in managing their inheritance.

  •  We want to be the first person you call when you’re considering a financial move, whether that’s buying a second home or transitioning your wealth to the next generation.

  •  While we present ourselves as professionals and experts in our fields, we don’t talk down to our clients. We treat you with respect while making it easy for you to understand even complex financial situations.

Our services and solutions are specially tailored to high-net-worth individuals and their families.

  • After decades in the financial services industry, we understand the unique needs of our wealthy clients. We realize that wealth doesn’t eliminate adversity in a person’s life, and we’re prepared to help our clients address these situations so they can continue to thrive.

  •  We work in our clients’ best interests to deliver a thorough financial plan that helps them fulfill their vision for the future. We’re always proactive for our clients, bringing thoughtful financial solutions to their attention whenever they arise.

  •  Through Baird Trust services, we provide asset management, trust administration and estate settlement services to help individuals and families protect, grow and transfer their wealth.

Community involvement is one of our core values.

While we serve clients around the country, we’re deeply rooted in the Owensboro area and value giving back to the community around us.

  • Our primary mission is to support the people of the Owensboro area. We know that strengthening the individual citizens of Owensboro strengthens the community for all of us.

  •  Organizations we have supported in recent years include:

    • Help Office of Owensboro
    • Puzzle Pieces
    • St. Joseph Peace Mission
    • Girls Inc Owensboro
    • Wendell Foster
    • Kentucky Wesleyan College